Good Grief: A Comedy About Loss and Being Bad at It

Written by glentickle

We do specials now! We’re proud to branch out from audio with the release of founder Glen Tickle’s debut comedy special Good Grief: A Comedy About Loss and Being Bat at It. It’s an hour-long stand up set about dealing with the death of his younger brother Mark, and it’s a lot funnier than that makes it sound.

Lehigh Valley Live called it “funny, poignant, raw, and emotionally stirring

Here’s a deleted scene from the special. Glen decided to cut it because it’s a three-minute story about Speed Racer and because he uses the word “titular” twice.

The special is available for preorder, and we’ll release it on March 13th. The best way to get it is directly from us, but it will also be available to stream through Amazon Prime Video around the world.

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